The OVP consult (Other product) performance is invoiced for care that is not included in the basic package under the Health Insurance Act. This includes in any case: psychological complaints without a DSM-V classification (Diagnostical Statistical Manual), adjustment disorders, relationship problems and work-related problems.

Another reason may also be that you do not feel comfortable sharing information about your psychological well-being with the health insurer. In that case you can also choose not to use reimbursement.

Finally, at the end of a GBGGZ trajectory/ product, you may need more psychological care while it is no longer covered by reimbursed care. In that case it is also possible to schedule additional sessions/consults. You can also pay for this per session/consult.

You do not need a referral for the OVP.
OVP, missed appointments and coaching are invoiced to you monthly.

For companies or freelancers it might be important to know that the costs can be claimed as coaching and can thus be claimed as business costs. VAT is then added to the price.

The rate for Other Product (OVP) is: € 100 per session.
A session consists of 45 minutes of direct client contact and 15 minutes of indirect time.

In addition to a full session, there are the following options:
Half consultation (max. 25 minutes of direct time): € 50.
Telephone consultation (max. 10 minutes): € 25.