Reimbursements insured care

No sessions/consults are declared in the Generalistic Basic Mental Health Care (GGZ), but at the end of the treatment we invoice your total treatment through a Healthcare product at your insurer. Based on the seriousness and complexity of your complaints, you can use a Healthcare product determined by the government: short, medium or intensive, each with the associated treatment duration. The products are calculated in minutes, which are a combination of both the session/consult and the time that your psychologist needs for preparation, reporting and possibly consultation with other health care professionals. Your psychologist will let you know which product applies to you.

The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) has set maximum rates per product within the GBGGZ. Depending on agreements with your health insurer, the amounts declared may deviate from this.
From the basic insurance you are entitled to reimbursement of psychological help in the GB-GGZ. You need a referral from your General Practitioner to be eligible for reimbursement.
For 2019, Praktijk voor Psychologie has contracts with all Dutch Healthcare Insurers for the GB-GGZ, with the exception of Promovendum, Besured and National Academic (Caresq).

Of course you are responsible for having a valid health insurance policy and you have to inform yourself of the policy conditions. Praktijk voor Psychologie cannot be held liable if treatment appears not to be reimbursed by your insurance, for example because you have opted for a reduced basic insurance policy or have already used psychological care. Also, Praktijk voor Psychologie cannot declare to the health insurer without a letter of referral. You will be charged for costs that cannot be claimed under a health insurance policy. See cost rates. Remember that your insurer will charge you for the compulsory deductible.

If Praktijk voor Psychologie does not have a contract with your health insurer, the reimbursement will be processed via the following route: At the end of the treatment, you will receive a total invoice from Praktijk voor Psychologie that you must pay to Praktijk voor Psychologie. You can then submit the total invoice yourself to your health insurer. Your health insurer will then reimburse part of the costs. How much depends on each health insurer and it is up to you to inquire about this. Praktijk voor Psychologie can prepare interim invoices that will be settled later with the final invoice.