Waiting list


There is currently a waiting list of approximately 8-12 weeks for consultations with the psychologists of Praktijk voor Psychologie in Nijmegen. The waiting time may vary by psychologist.

If you prefer a specific time or psychologist, then the waiting time may of course be longer.

If you find the waiting time too long, you can always contact the care provider or ask your health care insurance company for waiting list mediation. Your health care insurance company can support you, so that you will receive an intake interview within 4 weeks of your first contact with a care provider, and that treatment will start within 10 weeks of the intake. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times that have been jointly agreed by care providers and health insurers (de treeknormen; the reach norms).

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Waiting times for individual psychologists:

Marjan Pulles-Hendriks:
at the moment not reachable for treatments

Tanja Broekman:
8-12 weeks

Dieuwertje Otten:
8-12 weeks

Helene van Verseveld:
8-12 weeks

Barbara Raaijmakers:
8-12 weeks