Working method

Procedure of treatment



The psychologist will start with an intake with you. Your complaints and your situation will be mapped out. To estimate how much conversations are needed to help you to find tools that you need to be able to continue on your own, will be since 2022 determined by the “zorgvraagtypering” (see below).

During the intake phase, it is important for you to feel if you feel a “click” between you and the psychologist. If you do not, please let the psychologist know. Together with you, she can determine which practice might be the better suitable for you.

Would you like to take someone with you during the first session? Of course that is allowed. It is also possible to involve a loved one during the treatment. He or she can give more insides on your complaints from a different view. He or she can receive information about how he or she can best support you. Also there is the possibility to discuss and perform exercises together.

Zorgvraagtypering (2022)

Each client is unique. But different clients do have common characteristics. A diagnose must be made but it does not clarify how much care someone needs. The “zorgvraagtypering” is a classification of groups of clients measured by their complaints.

At Praktijk voor Psychologie treatment will be given to clients with a “zorgvraagtypering” (type of care demand) from 1 to 4 and sometimes 5. When the psychologist estimates that your “zorgvraagtypering” will be 5 to 8, your psychologist will discuss with you which care and possible health care provider will be more suitable for you.

The “zorgvraagtypering” will be completed by your psychologist by using the HoNOS+ questionnaire. Based on your complaints, the psychologist completes the questionnaire.

The “zorgvraagtypering” is done by your psychologist. For this she will use a questionnaire called HoNOS+. This questionnaire is completed by the psychologist on the basis of your complaints and problems.

Based on the answers to the HoNOS+, the psychologist determines which “zorgvraagtypering” best suits your complaints and problems. This provides information about the expected treatment effort and this must also be stated on the invoice for the treatment.

During the treatment, your psychologist will again administer the HoNOS+ at interim evaluations. Based on this, it will be determined whether the treatment needs to be adjusted or whether the treatment can possibly be ended. Of course, this is always done in agreement with you.

Complaints and personal situation

When it has been decided to start treatment, your complaints and your situation will be further mapped out. If necessary, this includes completing one or more questionnaires. Costs may be charged for the elaboration of some of these questionnaires. In that case, the psychologist will always explicitly point this out to you in advance.

Treatment phase

The “zorgvraagtypering” is not the same as the treatment plan. The treatment plan shows which treatment is agreed with you on the basis of your diagnosis and the goals that you agree with the psychologist. Then the treatment phase starts in which you work together with your psychologist to change your problems and complaints. At the end of all treatment sessions there is a concluding meeting in which the treatment and your complaints are evaluated. Attention is also paid to relapse prevention.

Collaboration with other care providers

We maintain contact with general practitioners / referrers, POH GGZ and paramedics in the area. Also, we participate in ParkinsonNet.

If you give permission for this, your GP/referrer will be informed in writing about the treatment and if necessary, consultation will be held. Before the report is sent to the GP, you always get to read the text first and you have the option to add to or change things. If you do not want the GP to be kept informed, you can also indicate this.

If desired, it is also possible to consult with other practitioners, such as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dieticians, etc.


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