Working method

Procedure of treatment



The psychologist will start with an intake with you and making up an treatmentplan. Then she discusses with you how many consults she expects that you need to have to help you. In case the psychologist finds that you can not be helped or that you are not allowed to be helped with in the Generalist Basic Mental Health Care, she will discuss this with you and in case necessary she contact the GP. Possibly a reference to Specialized Mental Health Care (SGGZ) is required or is help from the POH-GGZ (Practice Nurse) sufficient. During the intake phase, it is important for you to feel if you experience a “click” between you and the psychologist. If you do no, let the psychologist know. Together with you, she can search where treatment might be the best for you.

Complaints and situation on picture

When the decision is made to start treatment, your symptoms and your situation will be further explored. If necessary, we ask you to fill in one or more questionnaires. Fees may be charged for working out the effects of some of these questionnaires. In that case, the psychologist will mention this explicitly in advance.

Treatment phase

During the treatment phase you work together with your treating psychologist to change your problems and complaints. At the end of the entire treatment a final consult is made to evaluate the treatment and your symptoms at the start of the treatment. Also, attention is given to prevent relapse.


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